Institut pasteur de Dakar



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What we do?

At IPD, we aim to inspire, educate and attract passionate and visionary scientists from all around the world and in effort to develop meaningful and effective solutions to public health problems in Africa. Our goal is to lead, influence and improve health in the African region by fostering innovation, efficiency and inclusivity.


Passionate about research

We explore the world to discover, understand and treat human diseases. From the bush to the bench, from the hospital bed to the biosafety labs, we strive to create the cure for the health problems of tomorrow.

Protect health

IPD is a center of excellence for the study of infectious diseases affecting Africa (Arbovirus, HIV, Malaria, Diarrhea). The Institute employs more than 350 professionals dedicated to biomedical research.

We collaborate globally with the most prestigious partners to study the cause of disease and develop new intervention strategies.

The fight against disease is our most ambitious goal.

Promote health

IPD provides advanced clinical diagnostics, vaccination services and food testing.

The education of health professionals and awareness-raising are two major objectives, actively pursued by the IPD.

Due to its multidisciplinarity (molecular biology, epidemiology, entomology, biomathematics, bioinformatics, etc.), our institute is able to respond to a wide range of public health concerns.

Public health
Provide expertise in public health

IPD works closely with governments and international organizations to manage epidemics and control infectious diseases.

Educate, attract and coach human talents

To build a better future, IPD devotes a significant part of its efforts to disseminate the most important research results to its stakeholders (Academy, Industries and Governmental / Non-Governmental Organizations.

We provide public health services

Our institute provides high quality services ranging from clinical diagnosis, human vaccination and food safety testing. We serve customers, businesses and government needs.

Human vaccine production
80 years producing human vaccines

Since its discovery in 1927, IPD has participated in the production of the yellow fever vaccine. This expertise positions our institute as a recognized vaccine manufacturer.