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The Institut Pasteur of Dakar

For close to 100 years, Institut Pasteur Dakar has pioneered public health and biomedical research and surveillance activities in Senegal, West Africa and beyond, and expanded its reach and expertise in the unique, and often neglected, public health priorities of Africa. Institut Pasteur Dakar is a now a renowned research institution with unique expertise and capabilities to advance public health in Africa. The institute’s influence extends to the African region as whole and aims to promote more efficient, inclusive and innovative public health through its expertise in the five following areas: research and innovation; diagnostics, vaccination, nutrition and environment; public health management; vaccine manufacturing and distribution.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed multiple flaws in African public health systems, demonstrating that our health systems and architecture for dealing with epidemics and emergencies are inefficient and inequitable when it comes to serving the needs of the most vulnerable population. Institut Pasteur Dakar is rising to the challenge to scale new innovations, tools and systems to contribute to the global effort to end epidemics and to prevent pandemics. In doing so, Institut Pasteur Dakar aims to become a pioneer for innovative health solutions in an effort to advance inclusivity in access to critical health services in Africa.

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What we do?

At IPD, we aim to inspire, educate and attract passionate and visionary scientists from all around the world and in effort to develop meaningful and effective solutions to public health problems in Africa. Our goal is to lead, influence and improve health in the African region by fostering innovation, efficiency and inclusivity.


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