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biological analyzes

The Medical Biology Laboratory of Institut Pasteur Dakar is a biological analysis laboratory open to the general public.

It currently has 2 sampling sites: the Plateau site near the Le Dantec Hospital and its annex and the VDN site near Dakar Foire.

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Our mission

Medical biology schedules

Dakar Plateau site VDN Sampling Center
  • Monday to Thursday : Sampling of 7h30 to 16h30

                                     Render results up to 18h

  • Friday :        Sampling of 7h30 to 13h and 15h  to 16h30

                        Render results up to 18h

  • The Saturday :         Sampling of 7h30 to 11h

                                   Render results up to 11h30

  • Monday to Thursday : Sampling of 7h30 to 15h30

                                      Render results up to 18h

  • Friday  :        Sampling of 7h30 to 13h30 and  15h to 15h30

                         Render results up to 18h

  • The Saturday : Sampling of 7h30 to 10h30

                           Render results up to 11h30

Information and appointment setting : +221 33 839 92 33

Appointment for home collection : +221 77 687 35 69

Complaints and suggestions : +221 33 839 93 33


Information and appointment setting : +221 33 839 92 33,  

                                                        +221 78 103 39 37,

                                                        +221 77 470 33 22

Email:  : Email :


Our spaces

Your sampling sites

Deux sites d'échantillonnage sont à la disposition des clients, le site historique, son annexe et le centre d'échantillonnage du VDN

Your samples

It can be done:

In the laboratory

Make an appointment

To shorten your waiting time at the laboratory, you can make an appointment by phone Sites du plateau: 338399233 VDN sampling center: 338592851 OR At home

    • Order
    • Your coverage, letter of guarantee or insurance card

Insurance, IPM and reimbursements accepted The laboratory accepts reimbursements (ministries, insurance companies, companies, etc.) Be sure to present compliant and up-to-date documents as well as an identity document. Credit card payments are encouraged. Payments by check are accepted subject to obtaining a full photocopy of the valid identity card.

Your Results

Most of the results of your morning tests will be available that evening or the next day. Some analyzes may take several days depending on their degree of complexity. An SMS will notify you of the availability of your results.

For the reception of your results, you have the choice between

  • Download them online
  • You come to the laboratory yourself,
  • Send someone you trust to find your results for you.

In both cases, the payment receipt given when registering your analyzes at the secretariat or the SMS message received on your smartphone are required to collect your results.

Useful information


Urine cytobacteriological examination (ECBU)
Search for a urinary tract infection.

Methods of debit
Collect urine away from the previous urination (an interval of at least 3 hours is desirable) and before the start of any antibiotic treatment.

  • Urine collection in adults
  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap.
  2. Perform a careful genitourinary toilet with a compress impregnated with antiseptic (dakin for example).
  3. Open the sterile vial provided by the laboratory.
  4. Eliminate urine from the first draft.
  5. Fill the jar halfway with the urine from the second draft.
  6. Close the bottle carefully. Drop it off at the indicated location
  • Urine collection in infants
    Urine collection is done using a collector (bag). This sample is taken with the assistance of the laboratory nurses.
  • Patient with a probe: the sample will be taken in the laboratory according to a specific protocol

24 hour urine
Interest: exploration of certain parameters of urinary biochemistry.

  • Terms of the debit
    When you wake up, urinate completely in the toilet and note the time.
  • For 24 hours, collect all the urine in the vial provided by the laboratory.
  • Return the vial to the laboratory as soon as possible.

Addis or H.L.M account
Benefit: to assess renal function by counting the cells eliminated in the urine

Payment methods
Avoid collecting urine during the menstrual period in a woman.

  1. Schedule a wake-up call 3 hours before you usually get up.
  2. Urinate completely in the toilet so as to empty the bladder.
  3. Drink a large glass of water (or 2 cups), go back to bed and lie down for 3 hours.
  4. After these three hours, urinate completely in the bottle provided and return it to the laboratory as soon as possible.

Selles :

Analyses biologiques

Biological analyzes

Cytobacteriological and / or parasitological examination of the stool
Search for bacterial or parasitic infection of the digestive tract.
Sampling procedures: Using the spatula provided, collect some of the stool in the sterile pot provided by the laboratory.

Transport to the laboratory
Stools should be brought to the laboratory as soon as possible, away from excessive heat. The search for vegetative forms of amoeba requires a collection of stools directly in the laboratory


Cytobacteriological examination of sputum
Search for bacteria responsible for respiratory pathologies.

Direct debit methods

The collection is preferably done before any antibiotic therapy. It takes place in the morning, upon waking, after oral rinsing with clean water

  1. Rinse your mouth with tap water.
  2. Collect the sputum generated during coughing in the sterile pot.
  3. Close the jar tightly and wrap it in a bag provided by the laboratory.

The collection of sputum for diagnosis of tuberculosis requires two samples: one when you wake up at home (see above) and a second at the laboratory when the first sample is deposited.

Transport to the laboratory

Sputum must be sent to the laboratory as soon as possible (maximum 2 hours after the end of collection) away from excessive heat.

Sperm & nbsp;
The sample is taken at the laboratory by appointment from Monday to Friday.

The collection of sperm is carried out by masturbation



Investigation of male subfertility.

Conditions to be respected
Mandatory compliance with a sexual abstinence period of 3 to 5 days.



Check for male reproductive tract infection. & nbsp; Can be done on the same sample as for the spermogram
Hühner test


The post-coital test is done as close to the time of ovulation as possible. It is one of the basic tests for exploring a couple's infertility.

Conditions to be respected (see the document given when making an appointment)

  1. You and your partner should be abstinent from sex at least three days before the test
  2. Do your personal hygiene before sex. However, it is important not to do it after the report.
  3. The most favorable day for your test is given by your gynecologist (respect his indications). Sex should take place between 10 p.m. and midnight.

Cervico-vaginal (PV) cytobacteriological examination

The sample is taken in the laboratory every day from 7:30 am to 11:00 am, Monday to Saturday

Bacteriological examinations of female genital secretions and exudates are aimed at diagnosing genital infections and sexually transmitted infections. In pregnant women, they also allow the detection of the carriage of streptococcus B.

Conditions to be respected

  • Not having your period (5 days minimum after the end of your period).
  • Do not do an intimate toilet before the sample.
  • Not to have sex the day before the sample is taken.
  • Not to be on antibiotic or antifungal treatment


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